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WordPress Redirect Plugin for SEO features

The WordPress Redirect Plugin for SEO comes with over 34 features, and we're constantly adding new ones in response to our customer's feedback.

Built-in Machine Learning

Built-in Machine Learning - Llama Assistant. Information support, does a routine work for you, machine learning analysis of your settings.

  • basic Machine Learning – analysis of your plugin settings - to help you achieve your goals
  • basic Built-in webchat – - communication with Llama Assistant on 24/7 basis
  • basic ML commands – - you can send commands to Llama Assistant - it will handle all routine work for you.
  • pro Auto Apply – of commands, based on Machine Learning analysis.

Custom response code

You can choose 301, 302, 307 and 300, 303, 304, 308 server response codes using the redirect plugin

  • basic Server response code – based on your needs you can select one of the most used server response codes 301, 302, 307 and even other official redirects: 300, 303, 304, 308
  • basic Most popular codes – 301, 302, 307
  • basic Other response codes – 300, 303, 304, 305, 308
  • basic Support – learn more about server response codes and it's difference in our blog post.

Zero code necessary

You can easily setup all redirection settings using native WP GUI with in-line help tool-tips

  • basic User friendly interface – all options contain the in-line help tool-tips
  • basic User's manual designed for people – no code manual - for people, not for machines
  • basic User's manual for developers – including code examples and explanations using coding terminology

Any redirects from A to B

You can type any URL to activate redirection, not just ones that don't exist

  • basic Match any URL – simply just type the URL you want to redirect from. Redirection will work even if this page not really exists.
  • basic Any target URL – you can put any URL as the redirection target. It could be a local page on your website or event any external URL from the other resource

Useful quick links

Quick create buttons in Post pages, and in website admin navigation.

  • basic Post page – redirect rule creation button. Create a new rule in a few clicks.
  • basic Web – admin panel - quick create button to add a specific redirect rule.

Custom rules based on user

Setup redirects based on user Browser, OS, referrer or user specific role.

  • basic Browser matching criteria – the redirection will be activated only if the visitors Browser matches your selected settings, and won't work for all the other visitors.
  • basic OS matching criteria – same as Browser settings, you can segment your visitors based on the Operating System they use
  • basic Referrer match – you can specify any Domain or Referring URL that visitors come from. And activate redirection based on this information
  • pro User role – activate redirection rules only if visitor actually has a specific WordPress role

Force SSL / HTTPS redirection

Enable / disable force redirect on your website HTTPS version

  • pro Enable HTTPS – special settings to redirect all pages to HTTPS version
  • pro Cloudflare – compatibility

Wildcard support

Create redirects super fast: use wildcards to match certain list of possible source URLs

  • pro Use wildcards – to cover a list of specific URLs you want to activate redirects.
  • pro Online sandbox – you are welcome to use our Online Wildcard sandbox to test your setting before submitting to your website

404 error monitoring

Not found (404) errors will be automatically logged into plugin's LOG page

  • pro 404 logging – if someone access a URL on your website that doesn't exist - this information will be recorded into plugin's log page.
  • pro Quick reaction – create a redirection rule for 404 page in few clicks

Import / Export feature

Export your settings into a CSV file and upload settings file to create redirects in bulk

  • pro Export – all your saved redirects into a CSV file to use in the other website or just for backup your settings for a future usage
  • pro Import – previously saved CSV file to create all the redirection settings automatically

IP referral spam

Redirection settings based on client's IP.

  • pro Specific IP – Apply redirect rule to a specific IP address. For others IPs the redirect rule won't work.
  • pro IP range – Block referral spam using the IP ranges. Checkout our Online IP Range Sandbox for testing. You are welcome to use our IP range tester tool to test your setting before submitting to your website

Time and Date based redirection

You can use extra conditions like time interval, specific month or day of the week.

  • pro Time interval redirects – create custom rules based on your local time. Example: activate redirect if time now is between 1 p.m and 2 p.m
  • pro Day of the week redirects – custom rules based on the day of the week. Example: activate redirect if now is Monday
  • pro Monthly redirects – For example, redirect users if now is January

Special GET parameters

GET parameter matching rules. You can specify a parameter that will activate redirect. Also could be standalone.

  • pro Any parameter – use any GET parameter to redirect user into a specific page
  • pro Parameter only redirects – you can activate a redirect using only GET parameter even without a specific value for it.


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Manage All Your Seo Url Redirects With One Plugin

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