Online Wildcard Tester

A lightweight online wildcard tester tool

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Type your Wildcard expression and a String, then click the button below to run the test if your expression matches the text string.


Online wildcard tester works with fnmatch() PHP function. The official syntax is described here - function.fnmatch.php

To check if the string matches the wildcard expression, please type your Wildcard expression and string. As a result, you will get a message describing if wildcard expression matches the text string or not.

This tool is used in following LlamasApps plugins:

WordPress Redirect Plugin for SEO

WordPress Redirect Plugin for SEO

Manage all URL redirects in your Website in a few clicks. Use custom server response codes, wildcards, Time and Date based redirection. Fight IP referral spam using IP ranges as redirection rules. Enable force HTTPS. Use 404 logging.

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