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Как происходит сбор данных?

    For you to receive a personalized suggestion, we need to receive your current settings and other plugin data.

    When you use a LlamasApps plugin with built-in Llama Assistant, you will see the complete list of the database records which are being collected during every synchronization.

    Basically, there are the records you have created using the specific LlamasApps plugin.

    Please note, that Llama Assistant doesn't have any access to other tables, files or contact data in your website, except the LlamasApps plugin you use. In any case, we recommend to open source files of the plugin and see which data and how it is being collected and transferred to our servers.

    Plugin data

    • Plugin settings

      To check which settings are more suitable for your goals

    • Plugin tables

      Other database tables, which contain this plugin data. Such as logs, settings, widgets, entity lists, statistical logs etc. But nothing more that LlamasApps plugin

    Basic system information

    • Your WordPress version

      To be sure that an advice is suitable and compatible with your website

    • PHP version

      To be sure that an offered solution will work properly on your server

    • Charset encoding

      To display text messages in a proper way

    • HTML type

      To display text and inline functions in a proper way

    • Language

      To localize text messages in your language

    Summary of installed plugins

    • Installed plugins (titles only)

      To advice if you have other opportunities to achieve your goals using other plugin settings as combination with this plugin

    So the data exchange request includes only this plugin data, and does not include any other your personal data that might be on your website.

    We DO NOT access any other your personal data and ESPECIALLY DO NOT access to any other contacts data on your website. This includes:

    DO NOT access to:

    • E-commerce orders
    • Inquiry forms
    • Website users
    • Admin and other user contacts
    • And the other which might have personal data

    Then statistical data is compressed and encoded before making the HTTP request to our servers.

    Read the source

    You can explore this script in /ml_assistant.php, /php/llama_assistant_sync.php to see how the data is collected and transferred - follow inline comments in code to be sure.

    Learn more about synchronization process here

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