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Кто такой Llama Assistant?

    Llama Assistant

    Llama Assistant is web-based computer program, chatbot, powered by Machine Learning algorithms. This chatbot actually represents Llama Machine Learning Service, which handles statistical data analysis. To start using Assistant, find it in LlamasApps plugins navigation menu - Llama Assistant section.

    Despite the traditional support programs from plugin developers, Llama Assistant is free for use and available 24 hours per day. So you can ask any question at any time you want.

    Llama Assistant handles (knows) commands for specific plugin usage. For example, you can ask him to change a setting or create a new entity for not to do it manually.

    What can Llama Assistant do for you?

    Llama Assistant can:

    • Send you personalized suggestions, based on your usage of this plugin.
    • Analyze your settings (in this plugin only) to compare with generalized best practices.
    • Track errors or conflicts in settings if occurred.
    • Automatically apply suggestions (if you allow).
    • Automatically maintain this plugin settings according to your goals.
    • Help understanding certain functions.
    • Keeps everything to be in working order.

    Llama Assistant supports you

    Using web chat interface, you can ask Llama Assistant usability questions, such as "How to do this", or "How to change this" - chatbot will do a classification in our Knowledgebase and plugin documentation page to find a relevant answer for your question.

    Please keep in mind chat bot contextual structure. This is if you want to execute a command, please click a button below chatbox. Or if you want to get help - you should click "/help" command firstly. Then chatbot will understand the subject you are asking about.

    What happens when you enable Llama Assistant?

    As you might know, for machine learning to work the data is required - as much as possible.

    According to our users' anonymous statistical data, we are able to classify them and create relevant suggestions.

    For machine learning to work properly is required to enable statistical data exchange on a regular basis.

    This synchronization is being processed automatically.

    NOTE: Llama Assistant might include pro functions in suggestions, because our Neural Networks are being trained on the complete functionality of this plugin.

    What will happen after you enable the Llama Assistant:

    1. Statistical data synchronization will be enabled

    Time to time this plugin will create a statistical summary, which includes:

    This plugin data only:

    • A list of the databases and the contents the plugin uses

    According to your usage, your statistical data will be transferred to Machine Learning format (read more about technology) and Llama Assistant will be able to send you personalized suggestions. For example, best practices, conflicts, split tests, pieces of advice and other suggestions to achieve your goals.

    Basic system information

    • Your WordPress version
    • PHP version WHY?
    • Charset encoding WHY?
    • HTML type WHY?
    • Language

    Your system information is required for Llama Assistant to work properly and ensuring the suggestion works in your system.

    Summary of other installed plugins:

    • Installed plugins (titles only)

    The list of plugins is required for more complex suggestions when Llama Machine Learning algorithms could suggest you some combination of their usage to achieve your goals

    So the data exchange request includes only this plugin data, and does not include any other your personal data that might be on your website.

    We DO NOT access any other your personal data and ESPECIALLY DO NOT access to any other contacts data on your website. This includes:

    • E-commerce orders
    • Inquiry forms
    • Website users
    • Admin and other user contacts
    • And the other which might have personal data

    Then statistical data is compressed and encoded before making the HTTP request to our servers.

    You can explore this script in /ml_assistant.php, /php/llama_assistant_sync.php in plugin root directory, to see how the data is collected and transferred - follow inline comments in code to be sure.

    Learn more about synchronization process here

    2. Machine Learning process at LlamasApps

    Then, your statistical data will be processed by our Machine Learning algorithms to find the best solutions and send your personalized suggestions.

    Basically we classify:

    • What settings do you have, are they really working now
    • Are there any conflicts in your Redirect Rules to help you solve them as soon as possible
    • And other useful tips for your situation

    3. You will receive suggestions from Llama Assistant

    Once our Machine Learning algorithms found a solution or suggestion for you, you will receive a notification inside the Llama Assistant section of this plugin.

    The message will contain a description of our suggestion personally for you.

    Some examples:

    • A suggested setting or function which would be useful to achieve your goals
    • When a system was changed, e.g. a time of synchronization was changed
    • A personalized idea, or feature explorer
    • An automatic action report, which Llama Assistant made for you.

    4. Automatically apply the suggestions (optional)

    Once you are familiar with Llama Assistant, you can enable Automatically apply the suggestions mode.

    For example:

    • - The suggestion is to create a new Redirects Rule, based on your 404 Not found statistics.
    • - If you enable automatic apply, then next time Llama Assistant will do this action for you.

    In this case, if Llama Assistant has made any change or setting in your website, you will be informed:

    - Llama Assistant will send you a message with a link to personalized report

    5. Turn Off or change a setting in Llama Assistant

    Change a setting

    To change Llama Assistant settings, navigate to following pages in this plugin: Llama Assistant > Settings

    Settings will be immediately applied and you will see changes in the next synchronization cycle.

    Turning Off

    When you turn off Llama Assistant, the synchronization process will be immediately stopped and there won't be any communication between Llama Machine Learning Service and your website.

    You can resume it any time you want.

    Uninstall the plugin

    If you uninstall the plugin, you will start from the beginning and it will take some time to receive relevant suggestions, as described above.

    Irrelevant suggestions

    Please note, that Machine Learning is not a function or algorithms, but a continuous process.

    The more you have data, the better suggestions you might receive.

    That's why you should continue using the plugin for some time for the algorithm to adapt.

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