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Why it's remote?

    There are a few reasons why the core logic of Llama Machine Learning Service comes as remote service and is not built in the plugin you get from LlamasApps.

    The short answer is:

    1. Machine Learning requires high performance servers to analyze huge data massives
    2. Statistical data should be compared with others - to find best working solutions
    3. WordPress doesn't have a good working scheduled task system

    To dirve more in details about each topic - continue reading below:

    Machine Learning performance

    Machine learning algorithms require external libraries, written in Python. The platform must be flexible to perform building and training models. The server performance must include multi-core processors and at least 8GB or RAM.

    As an alternative solution, this could be remote servers or saas platforms such as Amazon AWS servers or Google Cloud.

    During the model training, algorithms may load the server performance, that's why we created Llama Machine Learning service as scalable stand-alone remote solution.

    Statistical data comparison

    When your anonymous statistical data comes to our servers, useful solution is to compare your situation with other most similar settings. In this case, the comparison is used for better classification of common problems.

    For example, you might have started to enter some scenario, which is already known by our Machine Learning Service, and in this case, we could supply you a relevant suggestion right now to offer you a short way to reach your goals.

    If such a system would be built in the plugin, there won't be any solution to make the comparison, and find answers faster. And you will be obligated to want for a long time for the Neural Networks to gather the data, collect and process to find any patterns to make predictions.

    Scheduled tasks in WordPress

    WordPress cron scheduled events is a bit different function compared with traditional cron system, that developers use.

    In this case, WordPress fire an event only when some person is visiting your website. So it means that if we need to set up a synchronization every hour, but you don't have any visitors at night - then this scheduled event won't fire.

    Therefore we use automation on our servers and create scheduled events on our side.

    In this case, Llama Machine Learning Service (assistant.llamasapps.com) does scheduled request to your Plugin.

    If you want to stop synchronization, just type "/stop" as chatbox message in your plugin and you will receive instructions how to turn off the synchronization between Llama and your website.

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