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The plugin files not uploading

    The plugin files not uploading

    The standard way to upload a plugin: WordPress admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. If this process is not working, please check following highlights:

    • You should upload the .ZIP file. Do not extract the files from your ZIP archive. In WordPress, as a plugin goes one file only, and this is ZIP file.
    • Please check if there is enough available space on your server / hosting account to upload the plugin
    • If you have any permissions error, please change the folder permissions or contact your hosting provider or server administrator.
    • Timeout. Please check your internet connection, if it OK and you are still getting this error, try to change max upload size or time limit settings on your server. Or just contact your system administrator or hosting provider to make this updates.

    An alternative solution is to upload plugin files using the FTP or Cpanel File Manager. For this we recommend to use following official how-to guide: Codex.wordpress.org › Managing Plugins › Manual Plugin Installation

    LlamasApps plugins installation guides:

    Please find installation guides for our plugins, describing in details how-to install using WordPress, from the ZIP file and using an FTP client

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