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Cannot update the plugin

    I cannot update the plugin

    Please check following tips if the update is not appearing but you are sure that a new version of a plugin exists:

    • Is you license key valid and active?

      Be sure that your license key is valid for the site you are using it for. If you have changed the domain name, please follow these instructions to change your license key.

    • Is your license key active and valid?

      If you bought the plugin more that 1 year ago and you have not renewed your subscription the license key may expire. You need to renew your license key to keep getting plugin updates.

    • The update only just been released?

      If this is a new version of the plugin which was published very recently, it may not be available for installation yet. Sometimes it takes some time for updates to become available on all sites. You should check back a bit later if the update is appearing for your site.

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