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License key is invalid or expired

    License key is expired or invalid

    When you buy a plugin from LlamasApps, you receive an active valid license key which allows you to activate the plugin and receive plugin updates and support. The license key is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. When you confirm the purchase we send a request to create a subscription to your payment system. The subscription will auto-renew your license each year. This is active unless you decide to cancel your subscription.

    If your license key is invalid

    In this case, you will see an error next to the license key box on the plugin settings page. It means your license key is not active on your website. You will not be able to receive updates and support. To fix this you should renew the license and re-purchase the plugin.

    If your license key is expired

    If you cancel the subscription or do not renew it manually then your license key will expire after 1 year period from the last purchase.

    You can keep using the plugin on your website where it was activated. But you cannot activate your license key on a new sites/domains/ sub-domains.

    You will stop receiving plugin updates, which we regularly release to ongoing compatibility with new WordPress versions. Also, updates include bug fixes, new features and other improvements.

    You will have no longer access to technical support.

    How to re-activate expired license key

    You can use the Checkout button to apply license renewal. In this case, you must have the expired license key. Please follow instructions on the Checkout page.

    Do I need to re-install the plugin if I renew it?

    The plugin will continue working as before after you renew your license key. So you don't need to set up the plugin again.

    When your license key becomes active then you will start seeing plugin updates available to install in WordPress Admin > Dashboard > Updates

    If you purchased a new license key then you need to re-enter the new license key in the plugin settings page to start receiving updates again.

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