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How to install the plugin?

    How to install and activate a plugin?

    We recommend to follow our step by step how to install guides:

    For Freemius based plugins

    1. Download the plugin

    After purchasing a product, you will be sent 2 emails. The first will provide you with a link to download the plugin, along with your license key.

    The second email, which you'll receive after the payment is successfully processed, will provide a receipt, as well as a secure link to download your PDF invoice.

    If you purchased a lifetime license you'll only receive a single email combining the secure download link, license key, receipt, and PDF invoice.

    Before downloading the product, if you are using Apple's Safari as your browser, disable its default ZIP auto extraction setting:

    2. Upload the paid product to WordPress

    Now that you've downloaded the premium zip file, you are ready to upload it to your WordPress website.

    How to upload and activate a plugin/add-on?

    3. Activate the product with your License Key

    If you've purchased the product directly within the WP Admin dashboard you are already good to go since the license key is automatically activated right after the upgrade. Otherwise, after activating the product, you will be redirected to a license activation screen.

    Simply enter the key provided in your email and click Agree & Activate License. Your product will now be activated and you'll be ready to begin setting it up.

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