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Do I have to pay annually?

    Do I have to pay annually?

    Most of all popular plugins WordPress and WooCommerce plugins have an annual subscription to supply ongoing support and to continue adding new features. Like Jetpack, Yoast SEO, WooCommerce, WordFence, Elementor, Ninjaforms etc.

    When you buy one of our plugins, we are sending a request to your payment system to create annual subscription automatically. This means your license key will be renewed every year (every 12 months). Your annual payment covers our development of the plugin, creates possibilities for adding new features, keep working with WordPress version updates, support you with a relevant answer, fix any bugs and many other features.

    How to cancel subscription?

    You can cancel your subscription any time. If you cancel, no further payments will be processed. This is easy to do logging into your Account.

    If you use some special payment systems, such as PayPal, you can use its interface to cancel the annual subscription. In PayPal, this is done directly in your profile.

    We recommend keeping your subscription active. When you continue using annual subscription your price is always fixed as described. Even if a plugin price increases your annual payment still be fixed. If you cancel your subscription then you would have to start from the beginning, using the current price on the website. As a result, we recommend you to keep subscription active instead of renewing it manually each year. We will send you an automatic message to your email with a renewal notice a couple of weeks before your license key expires. If you decide to cancel the subscription you can cancel your subscription in your Account.

    For freemius plugins

    You can access all your active subscriptions via the Renewals & Billing section. Active subscriptions will have a green label on the STATUS column and will start with AUTO RENEW ON . Simply click the row of the subscription that you'd like to cancel to access the subscription's advanced panel, and then click the button.

    You'll be prompted with a confirmation dialog, giving you the option to set up an email reminder instead of canceling right away. If you do proceed with the cancellation you'll get a short feedback form where you can let us know why you are canceling the subscription. Your feedback is appreciated and will help us improve our offering. That said, the feedback is optional, so whether you provide it or not, hit the button to complete the subscription cancelation.

    Learn more logging into your personal cabinet in freemius.com - you will get the login and password when you buy a freemius based plugin from LlamasApps

    If subscription is canceled, can I keep using the plugin?

    If subscription is canceled, no further payments are taken.

    Sure, you can continue using the plugin. You will continue receiving support and any plugin updates before your license key expires. Let's say you renewed or bought your license on 1st January, you will get support and updates up until 31st December the following year.

    We develop and release regular plugin updates, adding new features, fixing bugs and test compatibility with the new versions of WordPress. If you cancel your subscription you can continue using the plugin but we cannot guarantee that it will continue working in future, so we recommend to keep your license up to date.

    To get an invoice in PDF format: you can access all of your payments in the Orders History section. To get a PDF invoice of payment, just click the Invoice button of the payment's record.

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