Online IP range tester

A lightweight online IP range tester tool

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Type your IP range (the minimal IP and maximal IP) and the target IP you want to check. Then click the button below to run the test if your target IP is in this range.

Note that technical IP range is [ -]

 TIP! you can try to experiment with your actual IP address -


Online IP range tester does the comparison if a target IP is placed inside the range of IP addresses.

To check if IP is in an IP range, please type the IP range (start, end) and the target IP. As a result, you will get a message if the target IP is in range or not.

This tool is used in following LlamasApps plugins:

WordPress Redirect Plugin for SEO

WordPress Redirect Plugin for SEO

Manage all URL redirects in your Website in a few clicks. Use custom server response codes, wildcards, Time and Date based redirection. Fight IP referral spam using IP ranges as redirection rules. Enable force HTTPS. Use 404 logging.

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