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Step by Step Guide for Start Using the Plugin

  • Created: January, 24, 2019

When you launch an automatic DEMO in LlamasApps, we create a new subdomain server (standalone website) with installed WordPress in it. You get full access to this website for a limited time. During this period you can use this website, including the full access to WordPress Admin dashboard and installed ready to use the plugin you requested.

As the new server is created automatically, you should activate the plugin manually to use it the first time. Especially if plugin comes with Freemius module built in.

In this case, you might see following notification Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page. when you click on plugin's menu pages.

Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.

Please follow steps below to activate the plugin and start using it.

Step 1 - navigate to Plugins

Navigate to WordPress Admin > Plugins section.

WordPress Admin > Plugins section

Step 2 - click Opt In

Find the plugin you requested, and then find Opt in sub menu item. Alternatively, click the first item in sub menu to open a plugins start page.

Find the Opt In option

Step 3 - Activate Free Version

You will see following opt-in form, which asks a license key for plugin activation.

To activate a Free Version - please find "Activate Free Version" link on the bottom of this form

Opt In form - license key for plugin activation

Step 4 - click Allow & Continue

Here Freemius asks your confirmation to continue, please click "Allow & Continue" button to proceed.

Confirmation to continue, click Allow and Continue

Step 5 - Well done

Great! Plugin is activated and ready to work. Enjoy your testing and please send us your feedback when you finished.