🐪 About LlamasApps - WordPress Plugin Developers

About LlamasApps - WordPress Plugin Developers

Who We Are ?

LlamasApps project was founded in 2014. We started as a small in-house web agency in the web development field and quickly became one of Latvia's (European Union) top WordPress companies, developing plugins, websites for all over the world.

In 2016 we launched scalable development management system, which allowed us to maintain software development and support really quickly. We use a freelance network, which contains more than 40 freelancers over the world. This network allows us to manage plugin development, testing, and fast response much faster than traditional companies.

All our plugins are designed for specific requirements. We hope that using our plugins you will automate your business and have much more time to implement new ideas.

About LlamasApps - WordPress Plugin Developers


Psychologist, Behavior Specialist

With a 10-year background in psychology, human behavior, smart UI development Mila administrates plugin development at LlamasApps. Smart UI is the interface structure which adapts to the user temperament - Choleric, Phlegmatic, Melancholic, Sanguine and to the type of perception - visual, kinesthetic, audial.


Muse llama

With a 20-year background in fur production, chewing food and awesome haircuts, Llama is ideas and inspiration generator at LlamasApps. Llama also records voice over LlamasApps explainer videos, which you can check out on our YouTube channel. :)


Technical Director

With 15+ years of experience in Web development, Roman is the expert in WordPress plugin development, design, and technical architecture. Roman is bringing development ideas to life and working hard to create the best plugins on the market. He also provides advanced technical support for all the LlamasApps products.

What We Do

In LlamasApps we like developing for the user. We create WordPress, WooCommerce plugins for companies and individuals to achieve their goals. We care about performance and automation. We want you to implement your ideas while we take care of the technology side.

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Our Core Values

We code for people, not for machines

In our plugins, we pay extra attention to the user experience and usability.

We do whatever it takes

We are given an unlimited budget to make you happy. We're not perfect by any means, however, we will make sure to do all in our power to achieve top quality.

Our success is directly dependent on your success

Our goal is to become your trusted partner on all things digital. Your success is our success, so let's achieve it together.

We respect your time

You will not have to wait beyond the time required for a quality answer. All inquiries are aimed to be dealt with in the shortest time possible.

LlamasApps - Our Core Values