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Our Customers Say
Amanda Acosta rated LlamasApps as 5

Amanda Acosta

Everything works well, it's easy to set up and implement. Love this plugin and what it does for us. And it keeps getting better and better. Will explore more to reach this plugin's full potential. Thank you team, for creating this, keep up improving ... [ ]

Travis rated LlamasApps as 5


Simple light weighted solution for me. Works like charm. Now I use it for my traffic segments to handle all the audiences.

Sam Ortiz rated LlamasApps as 5

Sam Ortiz

I am not a developer and have built my own site and wanted to remove duplicated content with no code at all. This plug-in works brilliantly and I had it up and running really quickly. And I love your documentation for people - very very helpful. I highly... [ ]

Alana Ward rated LlamasApps as 5

Alana Ward

Works exactly as described. The plugin will be a solution for many projects to come. Great job!

Donald Foland rated LlamasApps as 5

Donald Foland

We had a special need for an ecommerce site to redirect users after purchase and to manage some specific marketing channels. We searched for quite a while until we found this solution and were a little skeptical as it seemed too good to be true. So... [ ]

Juliet Vasquez rated LlamasApps as 5

Juliet Vasquez

I've been using this plugin for a long time and must say that is is amazing. Easy to use plugin, support is awesome, quick and caring. This plugin is well worth the price. Really love it!!

Randolph Carney rated LlamasApps as 5

Randolph Carney

Great tool and really works perfectly on my website. Using this tool, you can set up any use case you need. Support is quick and responsive. I'm really happy to have purchased this Redirect plugin. Great plugin!

Christine Roberson rated LlamasApps as 5

Christine Roberson

I loved tutorial because it was exactly that I needed to understand how really redirects work. There aren't many redirect plugins that cover all my needs on wordpress.org, so I was looking at youtube as well and came across the video which was super easy... [ ]

Ralph Garver rated LlamasApps as 5

Ralph Garver

Great and simple! Works perfect. I've put a few expressions to handle all the redirects I needed, not to write down each URL like we used to did. YOu saved me a huge amount of time. Thanks!!

Stephanie Stevens rated LlamasApps as 5

Stephanie Stevens

This is the perfect, most flexible, and easy to use solution for any website. We have over 100.000 pages and it loads fast. There is no other extension like this I have found with this level of quality. The service exceed my expectations. I will definitely... [ ]

Marilyn Colon rated LlamasApps as 5

Marilyn Colon

My experience with Lama is excellent!! Very easy to understand the interface and settings inside the plugin. Was impressed that so many custom options available. The support is outstanding and thoughtful and I would recommend this plugin for customers... [ ]

Marvin Whitehead rated LlamasApps as 5

Marvin Whitehead

I've created a website for a testing. I had a little issue over the weekend and sent a support ticket. I thought that I will receive some feedback on Monday only, but actually less than in 30 minutes I had a response with required info to fix my problem... [ ]

Sophie Caldwell rated LlamasApps as 5

Sophie Caldwell

Have tried a number of plugins that do redirects in my wordpress. To reach my goals I had to install many of them to cover all setting I needed. That's why I had a lot of conflicts on my site... I was suprised to find this one which contains all the options... [ ]

Edgar rated LlamasApps as 5


I did a lot of research on finding a good redirect plugin that has rich customization options to cover my SEO redirects. I have used 3 or 4 other ones but nothing compared with this one. Great plugin easy to setup. As I am not a coder, your text helpers... [ ]

Molly Shorter rated LlamasApps as 5

Molly Shorter

This plugin is absolutely fantastic! I so glad to discovered this one. I wanted an easy-to-use solution with a range of customized settings. This plugin was the answer. I found the documentation a breeze to use can't wait for future updates. I would totally... [ ]

Hayley Adrian rated LlamasApps as 5

Hayley Adrian

Great plugin! It sounds generic but its as simple as that. It really works. Thanks to your documentation - I found there all geo lists I needed. Special thanks to the support team: friendly, professional, and really understandable in helping with any... [ ]

Rachel Wise rated LlamasApps as 5

Rachel Wise

I use it on our client's sites, and it works perfectly for redirecting pages exactly how I wanted. This is a fantastic plugin, works well and easy to learn. Would highly support you!

Amanda Martinez rated LlamasApps as 4

Amanda Martinez

This plugin is exactly what I needed. This is quite enough to cover all my needs. Also i would like to thank you for effective support. Good luck!

Ane Lewis rated LlamasApps as 5

Ane Lewis

The plugin works exactly as described, its awesome all around plugin if you want a customized solution for your site to manage redirects. I've had a lot of duplicate content on my site, and huge list of mistakes in Google Analytics. Now everything is... [ ]

Jamie Lloyd rated LlamasApps as 5

Jamie Lloyd

It took me 5 seconds to transfer all my links to HTTPS version. Just downloaded the plugin, activated it and that is! HTTPS on whole site, every page is covered. Thanks LLAMA!

Christie Warren rated LlamasApps as 5

Christie Warren

For our cart parts shop I needed to optimize appearance in Google. I used one plugin before to manage redirects, but I was not satisfied with customization and I needed a lot of hacking to make it conform my wishes. With llamas plugin I don't need any... [ ]

Eugene rated LlamasApps as 5


It really works! Thank you!

Amber Cooke rated LlamasApps as 5

Amber Cooke

You can use this plugin for almost any redirect rule you need. Really well coded and documented. It works, its flexible beyond my needs and the support is excellent. Highly recommend. Suprized to have two versions of manual - for coders and for simple... [ ]

Aimee Bawerman rated LlamasApps as 5

Aimee Bawerman

The redirect plugin does everything we were looking for, and more. It provides a ton of options to our marketers. When we had a question, support team was very fast with an answer. If you are looking for a plugin to solve your redirects - check this ... [ ]

Danny Johnson rated LlamasApps as 5

Danny Johnson

I have been looking for a plugin just like this for a while now. I stepped up and bought this from lama and it worked straight away. In docs is easy to find all settings and quickly understand how to solve my specific needs for redirects. I ve got very... [ ]

Janis Pace rated LlamasApps as 5

Janis Pace

Llamas Redirect is very powerful and flexible. It was exactly the plugin I was looking for. We use some custom solutions to manage redirects on site, but this plugin does it really easy. No bugs. Support is high quality and always ready to assist. I am... [ ]

Evelyn Russo rated LlamasApps as 5

Evelyn Russo

LlamasApps not only make great plugins that just work easy but the documentation is really understandable! We will use them for many future projects. This plugin helps it work smoothy without much effort on my part.

Alexa McCullough rated LlamasApps as 4

Alexa McCullough

The plugin work great! It does exactly what we need to make our ecommerce shop. Support has been fantastic to help us tweak the plugin to our specific needs. Thank you.

Leonard Valencia rated LlamasApps as 5

Leonard Valencia

It's a great plugin! I had many problems with duplicated content which has negative impact on my search positions. I've fixed all issues using this plugin really fast! The setup is easy and the documentation is straightforward. The best part is that... [ ]

Jenna Hays rated LlamasApps as 5

Jenna Hays

I'm loving this plugin - it was just what I needed. I had already bought a plugin from another company, but it was not clean and hard to understand the settings. I have fixed all my issues using this plugin in less that 15 minutes. Actually I've never... [ ]

Instant Online Plugin Demo

There will be no hidden surprises when using Llama plugins. You will be able to test all premium and free features of our WP plugins using a dedicated secure server. In addition, this will enable you to check compatibility with your existing plugins when you install them on your server.

Instant Online Plugin Demo
Built-In Machine Learning

Built-In Machine Learning

All Llama Apps WordPress plugins have built-in assistant that uses machine learning algorithms to understand your requirements and use cases. Anonymously of course. This will save time on things like learning about our plugin features, general maintenance, error discovery, troubleshooting & 24/7 monitoring.

Always-On Security

At Llama Apps we follow the latest WordPress plugin security guidelines to ensure you are protected against your client's data theft, website hacks and other developer's security nightmares. Moreover, all sensitive data including emails and passwords is hashed and encrypted.

Always-On Security
Extremely Helpful Support Llamas

Extremely Helpful Support Llamas

We know how important it is to get the quality support when working under pressure to finish that project before a deadline. This is why we have First Class support team of people and the friendly Llama AI assistant for times when humans need their rest at night. You can count on us to get issues/questions resolved.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer 30 day money back guarantee on our premium WordPress plugins, no questions asked. This will cover you in case there are any issues caused by our plugins that we were not able to resolve. This will give you peace of mind when buying our premium plugins.

Money Back Guarantee

LlamasApps Blog

Step by Step Guide for Start Using the Plugin

Step by Step Guide for Start Using the Plugin

When you launch an automatic DEMO in LlamasApps, we create a new subdomain server (standalone website) with installed WordPress in it. You g

How to Edit Footer in WordPress / WooCommerce

How to Edit Footer in WordPress / WooCommerce

When you install WordPress first time, you will see a default text in footer section. Depending on the template you choose you might see a

Server Response Codes

Server Response Codes

1xx Informational responses 100 100 - Continue This response indicates that everything is OK and the


How To Choose A WordPress Plugin For Your Website?

There are more than 53,000 WordPress plugins available in the official plugin directory - wordpress.org Users find it difficult to find the right plugin to cover all needs.


Use built-in WordPress plugin search in your Admin panel or use direct search in wordpress.org/plugins using relevant keywords. If there are no useful search results, try Google search instead.

As alternative solution would be to start browsing most popular categories in WordPress plugins or search within a "tag" or a category.

WordPress repository search results are sorted by relevance by default. You will see information about plugin's rating, review count and current number of active installations.


Eventually, you'll find a couple of plugins which will be the most suitable for your task. We recommend checking the technical information about plugin as well.

  • Last update - if a plugin was updated a few years ago, chances are the support level is quite low.
  • WordPress version, Tested up to – you should check whether plugin's version is compatible with your WP version.
  • Ratings - 5, 4, 3 stars ratings are good, but 1, 2 is not as terrible as you might think. The most important thing is how the questions are answered by plugin developers.
  • Support - also important section to check how the plugin's developer react on support tickets and if support exists sat all.


Plugin description is very important, and you should read it carefully. As WordPress repository contains free plugins only, developers mostly use freemium model to earn money. That's why screenshots may contain free and paid features. Text description will usually contain information regarding what's included in free and paid versions.


Some WordPress plugins may slow down your website in case WordPress coding standards were not followed.

You can use speed tester plugins to check this during the testing phase. Simply run a speed test before and after the installation of a plugin. This will give you a good idea if there is any impact at all.

As an alternative, try to find the plugin developer's website in text description of the plugin. Most of all plugin developers have an online demo on their website. It will probably have all setups and the relevant settings which could save you a lot of time by not having to discover all the features and going through the plugin's documentation.

Technologies We Use

During plugin development, we use professional solutions from well-known service providers.

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